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Preschool – Coed

   Tiny-Tots (16mo – 3 yrs) – This class, designed for parent-child interaction, provides a structured, playful atmosphere that offers challenges and exploration in movement skills. The instructor directs this class, while parents work directly with the child. Students will learn the basic concepts of gymnastics, basic motor skills, exploratory movement, body awareness, independence and designed to develop gross motor function, spatial awareness, and hand/eye coordination. Motor activities contribute to the development of the brain—which is indispensable for the organization of the nervous system. All classes are taught through play! Children will roll, crawl, sit, climb, tumble, jump, swing, and more! Parent participation provides a comfortable and positive environment for each child. Basic gymnastic skills are introduced on all the equipment while emphasizing social and motor skills. Students develop listening skills, learn how to “take turns” with other students, and get comfortable with instructors. Basic gymnastic skills are introduced on all the equipment, while emphasizing social and motor skills. With parents included in all activities, these classes are the perfect place to take time to bond with your child and learn about gymnastics.

Tiny Tots (16mo – 3 yrs)
Class times – (45 minute class)
Monday @  5:30-6:15pm
Thursday @ 9:30-10:15am

Flippers (ages 3 and 4)– This class is for children who are able to separate from their parents and enjoy the independence of learning gymnastic skills under the direction on a coach. This class is designed to teach balance, coordination, confidence, and motor skill development in a progressive format. Classes include a variety of mental, physical, and emotional skill development challenges. The equipment is modified to meet the needs of all preschool gymnasts.

Your child will jump and tumble their way into fitness in this exciting class. Each week includes warm up, circuit time (vault, bars, pit, tunnels, and balance beam), trampoline, and physical games, all tied together by fun and music. All coaches are experienced & will provide a safe environment for your child to explore their physical self. A creative and positive teaching environment will foster a healthy self-image and boost their confidence.

Flippers (3 yrs – 4 yrs)
Class Times – (45 minute class)
Monday  @  6:30-7:15pm

Tuesday  @ 9:00-9:45am & 5:30-6:15pm
Thursday @ 10:30-11:15am

There is also training on: Trampoline Strength, Flexibility, Gymnastics, Safety Pit, Tumble Trac®, and Power Tumbling Floor

                TUITION – 45 Minute Class   $52/mo–1 day/wk    $74/mo–2 days/wk    $97/mo–3 days/wk

Recreational Girls

Pre-Elite (5-7 yrs) 
Monday  @ 10:00-10:55am
Tuesday  @  6:30-7:25pm
Wednesday @ 4:30-5:25pm
Thursday @ 6:00-6:55pm

Jr. Elite (8 yrs +)
Monday @  8:30-9:55am
Tuesday @  5:00-6:25pm
Wednesday @ 5:30-6:55pm
Thursday @ 4:30-5:55pm

Sr. Elite (by invitation)

Monday  @ 5:00-6:55pm
Wednesday @ 5:30-7:25pm

Girls Gymnastics – A child need not be Olympic-bound to enjoy the sport of gymnastics. This introductory/beginning level program is ideal for girls interested in gymnastics as a fun extra-curricular activity. Our specially designed system of skill progressions will maximize safety and successful learning of gymnastics fundamentals, coordination, strength, flexibility, a love for fitness, and self-confidence are our goals for your child. Your child can experience the satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill. I.F. Training Center strives to create a safe, positive, and fun-loving environment for children of all ages. While increasing their basic skills and gymnastics vocabulary, students will continue to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for success in any physical endeavor. During each class, students will continue to build a solid gymnastics foundation through a use a variety of equipment pieces and increase skill level through the use of strength and stretching warm-up session.

Gym & Jazz Jr. (5 – 7 yrs)
Call for details

Gym & Jazz Sr. (8 yrs +)
Call for details 

Gym & Jazz – This class allows busy parents to save both money and time and still allow their girls to participate in both gymnastics and dance. The dance portion of the class teaches basic jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms and style performed to contemporary music. The gymnastics portion of the class teaches basic skills and gymnastics vocabulary, students will continue to build a solid gymnastics foundation through the use of a variety of equipment and increase skill level through the use of a strength and stretching warm-up session.

Gymnastics instruction centers on the four women’s Olympic disciplines: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise

There is also training on: Trampoline, Gymnastics Safety Pit, Strength, Tumble Trac®, Flexibility, and Power Tumbling Floor

                  TUITION – 55 min Class   $52/mo–1 day/wk    $74/mo–2 days/wk    $97/mo–3 days/wk

                  TUITION – 1 hour 25 min Class   $62/mo–1 day/wk     $84/mo–2 days/wk     $107/mo–3 days/wk

                  TUITION – 2 hours 15 min Class   $78/mo–1 day/wk    $100/mo–2 days/wk    


Recreational Boys

(5 – 7 yrs)
Tuesday @ 6:30-7:25pm
Thursday @ 6:00-6:55pm

(8 yrs +)
Call for details

Boys Recreation – Our boy’s gymnastics classes offer gymnastics instruction, strength, and body control in a safe and fun environment. Boys need not be Olympic-bound to enjoy the sport of gymnastics. Our boys program compliments all other sports. Here is where your son can gain the agility, strength, flexibility, discipline, and mental focus to excel in whatever sport or activity they choose in the future. Classes are grouped by age and ability. An advanced class is available for boys who advance from the beginning level or show exceptional promise, depending on enrollment. For more information, contact the office.

Gymnastics instruction centers on the six men’s Olympic disciplines: Floor Exercise, Rings, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, Vault and High Bar 

There is also training on: Trampoline, Gymnastics Safety Pit, Strength, Tumble Trac®, Flexibility, and Power Tumbling Floor

        TUITION – 55 min Class    $52/mo-1 day/wk   $74/mo-2 days/wk    

        TUITION – 1 Hour 25 min Class   $62/mo–1 day/wk     $84/mo–2 days/wk     

Tumbling - Coed

Basic Tumbling (Ages 8 & up)
Monday  @ 8:30-9:55am, 5:00-6:25pm & 6:30-7:55pm
Tuesday  @  5:00-6:25pm
Thursday @ 4:30-5:55pm

Advanced Tumbling (by invitation only)
Thursday @ 6:00-7:55pm

Adult Class (Ages 18+)
Call for details

Tumbling – The tumbling class is an hour and a half class designed to teach the fundamentals of the floor exercise. This class is for those athletes ages 7 and up interested in learning “floor” tumbling only. Cartwheels, handstands, front and back walkovers and a variety of other skills are just the beginning of what is being taught. As your athlete progresses they will be introduced to “flight” skills such as round-offs, back handsprings and even somersaulting skills. Once the basic skills are mastered your athlete will begin advanced moves where twisting, multiple somersaulting and front tumbling are just the beginning of what can be achieved.

There is also training on: Trampoline, Gymnastics Safety Pit, Strength, Tumble Trac®, Flexibility, and Power Tumbling Floor 


                             TUITION – 1 hour 25 min Class   $62/mo–1 day/wk     $84/mo–2 days/wk     $107/mo–3 days/wk

                             TUITION – 1 hour 55 min class   $76/mo–1 day/wk     $99/mo–2 days/wk   

Peak Extreme Sports – Coed

Peak Extreme Sports Jr. (5-7 yrs)
Monday  @ 5:00-5:55pm

Basic Peak Extreme Sports (7 yrs +)
Monday  @ 6:00-7:25pm
Wednesday  @  6:00-7:25pm

Advanced Peak Extreme Sports (by invite only)
Monday  @ 6:00-7:55pm
Wednesday @ 6:00-7:55pm

Peak Extreme Sports –  is for boys and girls of all skills and athletic ability, ages 7 & up. This class will teach basic extreme sport fundamentals, from safety rolls to the more extreme flipping and twisting off walls and other different level objects, to the more advanced maneuvers and tricks of this vast sport. By learning flips, vaults, agility, balance, endurance, and strength, the class will get you where you need, from point A to point B, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It will also develop the kinesthetic (air–awareness) feel to learn and perform multiple twisting and somersaulting skills. This evolution of movement will also increase your fitness level and help spread the desire for fitness in our area and community. We also offer an advanced class.

         TUITION – 1 hour 25 min Class   $62/mo–1 day/wk     $84/mo–2 days/wk 
Advanced 1 Hour 55 min Class  $76/mo–1 day/wk      $99/mo–2 days/wk 

Cheer – Coed

Cheer (6 yrs +)
Monday @ 5:00-6:55pm

Cheer/Tumbling Technique Class – This is a 1 1/2 hour class designed to get each athlete polished and performance ready. Training includes strength, flexibility and tumbling while learning the rules and accolades of the sport. Others skills taught are stunting, jumps, dance and of course cheers. This is a great way to learn new techniques, improve your cheerleading skills and to reaffirm performance at its perfection. This class is available for children ages 6 and up. With multiple progression surfaces, you’ll be guaranteed safe and soft landings until even the most radical and difficult skills are learned.

                                TUITION – 1 hour 25 min class       $62/mo–1 day/wk

Girls Level 1-10

Level 1 (by invite)
Monday  @ 6:30-7:25pm
Wednesday @ 4:30-5:25pm
(1 day – $52/mo  /  2 days – $74/mo)

Level 2 (by invite)
Monday @ 5:00-6:25pm
Wednesday @ 5:30-6:55pm

(1 day – $62/mo  /  2 days – $84/mo)

Pre-Team (contact office for more info)

Tuesday @ 9:00-11:30am
Thursday @ 9:00-11:30am

(1 day – $96/mo  /  2 days – $128/mo)

Level 3-10 (TEAM)
Monday through Friday
Contact the office for more information.

Classes – These pre-competitive and competitive training levels are designed to follow the official USA Gymnastics Federation’s training program for gymnasts who will eventually compete. USA Gymnastics is the official Olympic governing body for the sport of gymnastics. These programs prepare girls physically and mentally for future participation in competitive gymnastics. While we understand that not every child will ultimately compete, these classes build a solid gymnastics foundation. To accomplish this, it is extremely important to attend consistently year-around and arrive to class on time and prepared. Class is by invitation only and enrollment is limited. Pre-competitive gymnasts work to develop strong basic skills on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. They also build a love of the sport through hard work, personal achievement, and a strong sense of team. Efficient classes, professional instructors, and the latest state-of-the-art equipment make gymnastics fun & challenging for the school age student.

Gymnastics instruction centers on the four women’s Olympic disciplines: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise

There is also training on: Trampoline, Gymnastics Safety Pit, Strength, Tumble Trac®, Flexibility, and Power Tumbling Floor

Private Lessons
  • Does your athlete need that extra push to finally accomplish that skill they are so close to getting?
  • Do you have a cheerleader or dancer that must have a specific acro or tumbling skill before tryouts?
  • Are you looking for a unique birthday or Christmas gift for your athlete?
We offer private lessons for all ages and skill sets. Whatever the reason Idaho Falls Training Center coaches will help your athlete achieve their goals. We can tailor the lesson with drills specifically designed for optimum results. Or, maybe your looking for that special gift for your athlete. Does she/he have a favorite IFTC coach and would love some one on one time? We can schedule a fun filled lesson with all their favorite events.


What People are Saying

“Awesome from the start!”

This gym has been awesome from the start. My daughter quickly moved to the right level and received the right attention when we switched to IF Training Center. The owner has been amazing and they are well organized. She is so kind and generous and everyone there has been great! We love this gym and have been so happy with our switch!.


Can’t say enough great things!

                                                                    “My kids love Idaho Falls Training Center! My 5 year old son gets so excited every time we go to class. His coach has helped him so much with following directions, increasing his focus & increasing his upper body strength.

My 2 year old thrives in the mommy & toddler class. We love going together. It’s so fun to see her learn & that she understands so much even though she can hardly speak. Her coach is so patient, fun & accomodating to my daughter’s needs.

Tena, the owner, has such a passion for helping these kids improve their lives. She is so hands on & makes us feel so welcome there.

I can’t say enough great things about this gym. Thank you Idaho Falls Training Center!

-Christine Garner


“Absolutely worth the drive”

“3 of my kids have attended IFTC for 3 months.
Prior to this we attended the only other full apparatus gym in IF for 3 years. I did not have issues with the other gym but when I switched the comparison between the two places was drastic.
They guarantee at least 4 lessons each month so if your lesson lands on a holiday they will offer a makeup class. When we went out of town during their lessons they let us to a makeup. When my daughter sprained her foot and missed 3 classes, they reimbursed us for those lessons with doctor’s note.
There is no waiting time for one class to check out and the next class to begin. When the hour for class begins my kids are immediately on the floor warming up with coaches and they are working until the exact minute class ends. This is because they have a system in place that makes class transitions very efficient.
I could go on and on with reasons why I like this place. Let me just end with – the other gym was 6 minutes from my house and IFTC is 17 minutes to drive to. It is absolutely worth the drive for the better experience our whole family is having.”

-Matthew Williams

Hours of Operation

4:00pm – 7:30pm

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